A (long) overdue update
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A (long) overdue update

A (long) overdue update

First, sorry we haven't updated in three weeks; it's been a rough time. Turns out that we were just carrying too much, and needed to take a break. This year has been extra difficult for us, aside from the COVID-19 issues everyone has been facing. That's a topic all to itself; I may or may not post on that later.

As for relevant updates, we got the genetic analysis of TJ's ALL back: t(12;21)del(11) with a third (21) Chromosome. I apologize if that notation isn't exactly right; still learning. What this means for us is that it's the easiest version of Leukemia to cure, with the caveat that being the easiest if we have a relapse it's likely to be a more difficult to cure form. Sometimes the genetic drift/mutation can end up creating two different strains, and that's the main danger for relapse.

An interesting point about that third (21) Chromosome: That is what causes Down Syndrome, and individuals with Down have a MUCH higher prevalence of Leukemia. That doesn't mean TJ has Down Syndrome; just that this is a relatively common mutation and indicates some link there that we aren't quite sure of yet.

We also got the results of the Day 8 blood tests: No detectable blasts in his blood, meaning we got it all. That, coupled with the fact that he hasn't presented any blasts in his cerebro-spinal fluid are both excellent news.

TJ has been doing very well, and this last Wednesday we had our last chemo treatment for this phase and surgery to biopsy his bone marrow. We should have the results next week, which will let us know if we've managed to get all of it out of his bone marrow. He's a bit puffed up from the steroids he's been on, and has a heck of an appetite for junk food along with mood swings as well.

We start his next chemo phase (consolidation) next Wednesday.

I will try to keep this up to date a bit better in the future. Please keep an eye here for information!

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