Another overdue update
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Another overdue update

Another overdue update

So I haven't updated this in over three months. I truly apologize to anyone who is using this to see how we are doing. I really should be posting here, as it's cathartic with what we are dealing with.

Since January, we've actually been doing pretty well. Our neighbors moved out, so we negotiated with our landlord and he let us shift over to the bigger house with a backyard. That was an immensely gracious gesture on their part, and we are super thankful for that. It did keep us a bit busy getting everything moved, however.

TJ's has been doing well, but we are about halfway through his Delayed Intensification phase. This is the hardest phase, and honestly something that happened today is why I'm writing this. We had a heck of a scare when we saw a large, very angry bruise show up on his abdomen. By large, I mean taking up approximately 10%. We rushed him in, and his platelets are so low they are noise, so he's getting a transfusion today, his third.

His ABA, Occupational, and Speech Therapies have all finally started. It's hard to see progress at first, and they are a lot of work, but we are happy they have finally started.

TJ is in good spirits now that we are done with steroids. Roid rage is a real thing people. Currently his favorite shows are Pocoyo, Word Party, and every sports anime in existence. He loves the backyard, and keeps raiding the garden for the poles to play with (that's the picture). He's completely bald from the chemo, and covered in bruises. His appetite is very low, so we just let him eat whatever he will. Mostly milk mixed with formula (for the nutrients) and salty potatoes (chips, fries, etc.). Milk and potatoes will keep you alive, so I'm satasfied for now.

I won't promise to do better posting, but I'll try. If anyone does read this, drop me a text and let me know. It will motivate me to post more!

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