New Years
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New Years

New Years

What happened over New Years is one of the main reasons I got so behind on these posts.

On the afternoon of New Years Eve TJ started getting a fever. After talking to the doctors and nurses we settled down to try and have a nice night.

About 5PM his fever had climbed to 101.8 so we headed in to Balboa. By the time we arrived he was above 102F, so they got him accessed and pushed some antibiotics. We spent thr night there in the PICU and were released the next morning.

The whole of New Years Day we were sitting at about 100.2F, with orders to go back if we hit 100.4F, but he eventually kicked the fever and everything went back to normal.

The need to take every day for what it is and not focus on whatever the rest of the world is doing becomes more apparent every time something happens. Its a lesson that I think has value for us all.

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